Hugs and Smiles

Smile by Gerald R Hill

There is a world of difference
between a smile and a frown.
A smile can lift your spirits,
the other will bring you down.

To some a frown is easier,
so they wear the appropriate face.
To smile takes more the effort
than they are willing to embrace.

If someone was to smile at you,
you could try smiling back.
You might discover after all,
your face won't really crack.

It is really quite contagious
when you start out with a smile.
You'll notice others smiling too,
instead of frowning all the while.

There is a well known saying
all about a somber frown,
it becomes a cheerful smile
if you turn it upside down.

If you start the day smiling,
it might bring one in return;
and maybe unbeknown to you,
a new friend you just might earn.

Your day will be much brighter,
your life will seem worthwhile.
The same will be returned to you
if you simply wear a smile.

Reflections by Gerald R Hill
Music "Everything Begins" by
Dan O'Conner of