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School Days by Tamara Hillman

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Waiting for the Bus

The more I grow old,
the more I look back
to warm autumn days—
my books in a pack.

New shoes that hurt
‘til they were broke in,
wool skirts and sweaters,
paper, and pens.

Those cool, crispy mornings
we’d wait for the bus
as it came ‘round the bend,
the door opened for us.

The noise and chatter
of friends in the hall,
sharing stories of summer—
things planned for the fall.

Katie the School Teacher

All of our teachers
seemed happy and smiling
while thinking ahead
to homework they’d be piling.

Boyfriends and girlfriends
cozy and bright—
looking forward to dances,
and kisses goodnight.

Football and baseball,
basketball, tennis,
playing our best to the finish.

We all came together,
now look back where we’ve been,
to share those great memories
of school days again.

Tamara Hillman

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