Hugs and Smiles

Perception and Reason by Gerald R Hill

I've heard it said that miracles
live only in one's mind.
And anything that isn't luck
is impossible to find.

I've also heard that every act
is nothing more than chance.
How we live and what we do
is merely circumstance.

And what about this strange idea
on which so many stand;
that life came from the ocean depths
and evolved upon the land.

The Ocean Depths

I wonder how the skeptics and
the non believers feel,
when they observe the wonders of
the world that are so real.

The intricate creation
of every living thing.
The existence of a spirit which
dwells within each being.

To say that things which happen
are just coincidence,
shows lack of understanding
and little common sense.

For I cannot imagine
a world so ill conceived.
Every thing just being chance
is not to be believed.

It is instead the masterpiece
of a great and perfect plan,
created with compassion
by a Father's loving hand.

Perception and Reason, Reflections by Gerald R. Hill

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